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About Smedbo

Smedbo – World-class bathroom furnishings

Smedbo was founded in 1967 as a family business. This was a time when the need for beautiful bathrooms was slowly but surely blossoming. At Smedbo, we already understood the importance of the bathroom in the home. The bathroom should be a room to live and feel good in, while contributing to its obvious purpose.

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Leading manufacturer of bathroom accessories in Scandinavia

Today, Smedbo is the leading manufacturer of bathroom accessories in Scandinavia, but also plays an important role in the rest of Europe and the USA. This success is due to a long and extensive development work carried out to ensure a high level of quality, as well as to the classic Scandinavian design that the products represent.

From make up mirrors to towel warmers

Smedbo has a wide range of bathrooms of Scandinavian timeless design. The range includes everything from towel hooks, toilet paper holders and vanity mirrors to towel warmers. Smedbo continues to develop new functional and stylish accessories that adorn the bathroom.

Stylish products in solid brass

The start of a Swedish brass craft tradition started with the founding of Skultuna Brasswork already in 1607. At Smedbo we carry on the tradition of using brass, with it’s unique properties, when producing our products. We attache great importance to the choice of high quality materials, form and function. Both brass and stainless steel are durable materials that has the great advantage of not rusting. Thanks to this, Smedbo can count itself among the exclusive group of manufacturers that can promise a full 10-year warranty on the majority of all products.

And did you know that Smedbo is also a Royal Court Supplier to the Swedish Royal Family?

Sigill 10 year warranty

Our products have a 10 year warranty