Data Protection Policy

Your integrity is important to us and we always want to be open with how we treat your personal information to make you feel safe when you submit your information to us. In this privacy policy, you will find information about how we treat your personal information.

This privacy policy may be updated, you will find the latest version of the privacy policy at

We always try to be as clear as possible about how we process your personal information. Still have questions about how we treat your information after reading this policy?

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Responsibilities in the company

Smedbo AB, 556200-2252 is responsible for the personal data you leave to us.


Types of personal data collected

We may collect different types of personal data about you when you order our products or catalogues, visits our web sites, contacts our customer service, engage in one of our events or at any other contact points between you and our company.

Example of personal data types:
Contact information such as address, e-mail and phone number
Information connected to your purchase such as order number and product
Selected products and services
Location data such as country and region of, for example your computer, mobile phone or tablet
Issue related communication such as the personal data you have shared when contacting our customer service-


Why do we use your personal data and for how long are we saving it

Purpose and legal basis

The personal information we have collected about you is used for different purposes. In this section, we explain why we use your personal data, provide examples of treatments that we perform to fulfill the purpose and the legal basis upon which we base your treatment.


In general, we save your data as long as the information is necessary to meet the purposes we collected your data for. The data may also be saved for the time required by applicable law. For us it is important that you know how long we retain your personal information. The table below explains how long your data is saved.

The purpose of why we treat your data: Examples of how we treat your data for that specific purpose: Legal basis that we support our treatment a:
To be able to administrate your order:

• We deliver your product or service (including communicating regarding your delivery).

• We administer and communicate with you in the event of a complaint and warranty matter relating to your purchase.

The purchase agreement we have concluded with you.
To market us and our products and services

• We send direct marketing via email, social media or other similar digital channels and mail.

• We conduct general campaigns or send general offers and invitations to events.

Our legitimate interest in being able to market our company and our products and services.

Remember, you are always entitled to object to our direct marketing. If you do not want to object to our marketing entirely, you can always choose which channel you want to receive our promotion.

To conduct and administer participation in competitions and events

• We communicate with you who participate in our competitions when it is necessary for carrying through the competition.

• We choose winners and convey prizes that apply to the competition.

• We communicate with you before and after an event. In these cases, we can send confirmation of notifications, information about the event and questions or evaluations.

Our legitimate interest in being able to implement and administer our competitions and events.
To manage customer service issues

We communicate with you and answer your questions via phone or digital channels.

We investigate your complaints and support cases, as for example technical support.

Our and your legitimate interest in managing your customer service.
To meet the requirements of legal obligations We may have to process your personal information to comply with legal obligations, as required by laws, judgments or government decisions. The requirements may apply to our product liability or our product safety. In these cases, we may need to provide general communications and information or specific information to you about product alarms and product recalls. The requirements may also apply to our obligations under the accounting act or the money laundering act. To comply with legal obligations.
To evaluate, develop and improve our services, products and systems

• We make our services more user-friendly.

• We allow you and other customers to influence our product range, such as through customer and market research.

Our legitimate interest in being able to evaluate, develop and improve our services, products and systems to make us better, more resource efficient and secure. In addition, we want to make it easier for you to use our services, products and systems.
To prevent abuse of a service or to prevent and investigate crimes against the company

• We investigate and prevent fraud or other offenses.

• We take steps to prevent spam, phishing, harassment, unauthorized login to user accounts, or other actions prohibited by our Terms of Service.

• We take steps to protect and improve our IT environment from attacks and intrusion.

Our and your legitimate interest in being able to provide / use safe products and investigate suspected crimes.
This is how long we save your data: name, address, email address and phone number, order number and selected product, specified customer choice regarding products and services, location information as above, and case-related correspondence are saved for a period of 5 years.


How do we provide your information to other parties

Sometimes we will need to provide your information to other parties. This may be when we hire other companies to help us with our deliveries, IT systems or personal data storage (cloud services). These companies are only allowed to process your personal information according to our instructions.

We may also disclose your personal information to other companies that will be independently responsible for processing your personal information. We disclose your personal information to the following companies that are independent personally responsible:

  • Other companies in our business group
  • Government