The forgotten room

The forgotten room

In the 1960’s, the bathroom was a dull, stark room where concepts like design and beauty were unknown. Words such as maintenance-free and simple set the trend for bathroom furnishings. The bathroom was a forgotten part of the home. But Smedbo was about to change all this.

Smedbo was founded in 1967, a time when many people felt the need to create more attractive bathrooms. At Smedbo, we understood the great importance of the bathroom. It was not just a place for personal hygiene, but also a room to spend time in and enjoy.

But let’s start at the beginning. The year was 1966. The sales manager of a large frozen food company in Helsingborg in Sweden was looking for Christmas presents for his customers. Out of the blue he had an idea: wrought iron candlesticks! Done and dusted! He contacted a blacksmith. This developed into a business concept, and they were soon manufacturing wrought iron house numbers. The sales manager from the frozen food industry simply changed direction and started a company with an idyllic name – Smedbo Gård – manufacturing wrought iron goods.

This was how Smedbo came to introduce the Herrgård range of bathroom accessories. This was a line of interior fittings and decorative hardware in solid brass, especially designed for the bathroom. With its typical Scandinavian design, Smedbo wanted to combine the beauty of brass with quality, craftsmanship and tradition.

The bathroom range from Smedbo was a huge success in Swedish homes. Today, Smedbo’s bathroom lines are sold throughout the world.