Smedbo handduksring med blommformat fäste tillhörande serien Herrgård i mässing


The Forgotten Room

The bathroom of the 1960s was a bare room with a dull interior, where concepts such as design and beauty were unknown. Words like low-maintenance and simplicity ruled the trend in bathroom design. The bathroom was a forgotten part of the home. But Smedbo was about to change that.

Smedbo was founded in 1967, during a period when many people felt the need to create more beautiful bathrooms. At Smedbo, we understood the importance of the bathroom. It was a room not only for personal hygiene, but also a room to live and feel good in. But let’s start at the beginning…

bokstäver i smide på hög i en tunna

From candlesticks to successful bathroom furnishings

The year is 1966. The sales manager of a large freezer company in Helsingborg is on the lookout for Christmas presents for his customers. Suddenly he has an idea: wrought-iron candlesticks! Said and done, a blacksmith is contacted.

The contact developed into a business idea and soon they started to produce forged house numbers. The sales manager in the freezer business simply changed tactics and started a blacksmithing business, with the idyllic name Smedbo Gård.

Smedbo handduksring med blommformat fäste tillhörande serien Herrgård i mässing

It started with Herrgård

That’s how Smedbo came to present the Herrgård bathroom series. It was a series of interior fittings and decorative fittings in solid brass specially adapted for the bathroom. With a Scandinavian-style design, Smedbo wanted to combine the beauty of the brass with the quality and tradition of craftsmanship.

The Smedbo bathroom series became a great success in Swedish homes and today Smedbo bathroom series are sold all over the world.

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