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The shower basket is a bathroom accessory with style, following the design of your choice. With a shower basket in your bathroom, you also always have your care products conveniently in place and you free up space on the floor or bathtub rim.

Both practical and stylish with a shower basket

A nice shower is lovely and relaxing. But when the water washes over your body, you don’t want to start looking for soap and shampoo – they should be within easy reach. The shower basket keeps your things in place. What’s more, the shower basket is not only practical, it’s also a stylish decorative detail that fits in with the design of your bathroom.

How do I choose the right shower basket?

Think about whether you need a small shower basket over the sink or a larger one for the whole family. We have several variations to choose from. Straight shower baskets are available in one, two and three levels and corner shower baskets in one and two levels. With a corner basket, you make the most of the space. If you need a lot of space for shampoo, conditioner, sponges and brushes, our three-level freestanding shower basket is a good option.

Stainless shower baskets of brass

Shower baskets with hooks do not need to be installed. They are quickly and easily hung directly over the shower screen or on the mixer.

Since shower baskets are usually found in bathrooms, which puts extra high demands on materials. Our shower baskets are made of solid brass, and brass never rusts.

Shower baskets can also be glued on. Use mounting plate F966 or FB966 which you can find under XTRA. Glue is purchased separately.

Smedbo shower baskets have a 10-year warranty.

  • Our shower baskets are made of solid, stainless brass
  • Wide range with great personality
  • Frees surface and keeps your products at a safe distance