Glue on tiles

Mounting instructions
Valid Home, House and Sideline.
Adhesive selection taking into account the surface and the load.
When gluing the tiles are recommended epoxy, MS-polymers or silicone.
Do not glue the tile joints.
If you are unsure check with your dealer.
Important that you follow the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions!
– Carefully clean the 2 glue surfaces

Important! The glue plate is to be fitted with the Smedbo logo towards you and the two arrows pointing upwards (do not glue this face)F961-964.
– Fill the inner circle with glue. Surplus glue will be pressed into the outer circle and not onto the wall. If recommended by the glue manufacture, apply glue to the wall as well
– F965 Push the red mounting key through the screw hole of the soap basket and into the screw hole of the glue plate.
– Carefully press the glue plate into place on the wall. Immediately remove any surplus glue around the plate.
– F965 Mare sure the glue plate is solidly fixed to the wall and will not move when removing the mounting key and the soap basket. If you use a less viscous glue you might need to temporarily hold the plate in place using tape.
– When the glue has hardened (can take up to 48 hours – see manufacturer´s instructions), offer up the product to the glue plate and screw to mounting plate (avoid over tightening).

It is not recommended to glue towel rails, shelf and grab bars.