In the spotlight – New mirrors from Smedbo

17 Mar, 2020

Smedbo launches new shaving and makeup mirrors! The OUTLINE series now has two new members in the FK478EP and FK488EP LED mirrors. The mirrors have an elegant design and are the series’ first mirrors with newly developed sensor-activated LED lighting.

The body of the mirrors is made of solid brass, and the mirror has a diameter of 215 mm and with 7 times magnification. The built-in motion sensors turn on the light ring of the mirror when moving at a distance of 15 cm and then switch off automatically after 12 seconds without movement. The mirrors are charged through a USB cable and have a very long battery life. Both mirrors are tested and certified according to IP21. IP (International protection) is a label that describes how durable a luminaire is against dust and penetrating water and steam. A bathroom can be divided into different IP zones that tell us which is the lowest allowed IP class in each zone. The mirrors are certified for IP21, which is standard for the water-free parts of the bathroom, ie the rooms that do not include a shower or bathtub. OUTLINE FK487EP and FK488EP are available at Smedbo resellers. FK487EP: wall mounted FK488EP: freestanding