The tree – A modern classic towel warmer

26 May, 2020

Smedbo was founded in 1967, at a time when the bathroom was not allowed to take up space. The bathroom was shaped by functionality and by being maintenance-free. The bathroom was only a room that would fulfill its obvious purpose. Unlike in the ’60s, today’s bathroom has a much more welcoming and aesthetic feeling.

However, we rarely associate the bathroom with soft, organic shapes. This is despite that the other rooms in our homes have been majorly inspired by natural elements in the last decade, now more than ever before. At Smedbo in 2012, therefore, the inspiration was transformed from the forms of nature into the product that we today call The Tree.

The Tree is an electric wall-mounted towel warmer that is part of the DRY series. The product is unique in both its genre and its way of combining the classically austere, stylistic bathroom elements with the organic shapes from nature. The combination provides a unique product characterized by both design and functionality – a work of art and a towel warmer.

Today, the tree comes in four designs. FK710, the original tree is in polished stainless steel. The model is a full 1720mm and extends to the ceiling with its straight circular tree trunk. The tree trunk branches off at both the middle and at the top, which makes up a total of four hangers. Today, the tree is also available in a matte black finish, FB710. A shorter version of the original has also been added, FK711, which is 900mm. The fourth tree FK716 has another shape, which includes that it has five hangers. This model comes in a more “modern” vintage as its tree trunk and branches are straight and square. In this way, FK716’s expression becomes more tight and angular.

Whether in 1967 or 2020, Smedbo has always taken it for granted that design and beautiful interiors belong to the bathroom. We start and end every day in the bathroom, therefore the bathroom should be a room to live and feel good in. At Smedbo we continue to break new ground, and who knows, maybe more trees will grow in the future… Then we start to get closer to have built up a smaller forest!

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